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Litigation: Magistrates and High Courts Civil Litigation

I handle litigation cases from district courts through to the High Courts, with my clients steadily informed step-by-step and all through the stages.


Property Law and Evictions

Allow me the opportunity to help you with all of your property needs. I provide a wide spectrum of legal assistances and services regarding Property and Eviction Laws.


Divorce and Family Law

I am vast with the experience in dealing with family and matrimonial matters. However, my foremost goal is always to reach a negotiated settlement towards dispute resolution between the parties seeking divorce.
Administration of Deceased Estate

I assist my clients in fulfilling the duties of the executor as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. Amongst my duties includes collecting all monies including the last Cents owing to the deceased person, settling any debts incurred before death and ensuring that all the heirs receive their inheritance. I will report the estate, and proceed to the finalization of the liquidation and distribution account.

Labour Law

I am a CCMA trained Conciliator, Mediator and Arbitrator. I will advise and represent you at all levels ranging from the Bargaining Council, CCMA and Labour Courts

Road Accident Fund Claims

The law allows you as members of the public to claim against the Road Accident Fund [RAF] all by yourself, however I am experienced in structuring claim in such a manner to ensure you are not under compensated.

Bail Applications: After-hours

One of the consequences of being arrested is that you will be detained at the holding cell of the relevant police station until charged and taken to court. Our law requires that you have to be taken to Court for a first appearance within 48 Hours of your arrest. The net effect is that most often, the arrested person will remain in the police holding cell throughout the weekend and public holidays.

Having an Advocate who is just a phone call away means that the arrested person could be released immediately and warned to appear in Court. Adv Onovo would attend to the police station, consult with the arrested, liaise with the Detective, expedite the charging process, facilitate Bail (if the relevant circumstances of the arrested so permit), and ensure that him/her is warned for Court on a specified date and time.

Importantly, having an Advocate present during the charging process prevents the arrested person from making and furnishing any form of incriminating information to the police. Advocates make sure that due process in terms of the law and the Constitution is followed to the end when the arrested individual is processed.

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